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a-kata asked: Coucou :) Est-ce que j'ose te demander des avatars d'Emma Roberts, Anna Kendrick et Krysten Ritter ? Ça fait beaucoup mais j'aime beaucoup ton style ** merci d'avance :)

Coucou !

Mais oui, oses !! Je te fais ça, il n’y a pas de problème :) Merci beaucoup !
Bonne journée :)

loveyourbrightblueeyes asked: Hey! Thanks a lot for those new avatars, they're wonderful! If you have nothing to do, could you please make some Danielle Campbell avatars? I know you already made some, but I love your style sooo much... Thanks xoxo

Hey! I’m glad you like them! No problem for Danielle, I’ll be off soon :)
Thank you for trusting me !
Have a good day ~